What do I use Facebook for?  I would summarize as:

  • Stalking people (40%)
  • Living vicariously through other people’s lives (40%)
  • Seeking latest information (20%)

Let’s think about this:

  • Is it healthy and worthy of my time to continue to look back in the past and imagine how my ex is feeling about me (when he probably doesn’t give a sh*t)?  NO
  • Does browsing through people’s latest photos on Facebook enrich my own life? NO
  • Does browing Facebook (other people’s posts or sponsored ads) provide me new ideas? SOMETIMES
  • Does spending so much time browsing through Facebook delay me getting things done, achieve my short and long term goals or live a real life?  YES

So my conclusion is, I will cut 80% of my current time on Facebook as a start and use Facebook simply for updating on news that I might be interested in.  What do you think?