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Why I declare no more Facebook!

What do I use Facebook for?  I would summarize as: Stalking people (40%) Living vicariously through other people's lives (40%) Seeking latest information (20%) Let's think about this: Is it healthy and worthy of my time to continue to look back... Continue Reading →

How to live the 1/3 Life

Humorous talk that makes you re-think how you spend your time.

Protein rich Quinoa Mixed Fruit Bowl

If you are looking to eat well, look great, or have fun making breakfast with your kid. Here is the perfect recipe!

Kale Rasberry Goji Berry Smoothie

Healthy and yummy smoothie that you can make with kids as a fun activity!

Essential ingredients to stock in your kitchen towards healthy living

Ever spent tons of time to shop for only 1 meal? Here are the essential ingredients that you should always have in your kitchen.

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